Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I’m Starting to Miss the Snow

IMG_0136 As most of the people in Kansas City know, we had a deluge of snow over the last part of December.  For the first time in years, it actually SNOWED ON CHRISTMAS!  We had a very white Christmas indeed.  As a matter of fact, it was too white and prevented us from having the Christmas we planned.  Shana was stuck at our house most of her visit.  We didn’t get out and do anything fun for fear of smashing our car in a ditch!  However, now that the snow is almost completely melted, I am longing for more.  After all, if it is going to be cold it might as well snow!  The dogs had a blast playing in the snow.  When it was all said and done, the snow was nearly up to Venus’s belly.  Now that is a lot of snow!  Bailey and Dallas could not run easily and ended up jumping to navigate through the inches of fluffy snow.  I will say, I do not miss the shoveling.  I’m not quite sure how many times I shoveled, but it was quite a few.  IMG_0128Bailey enjoyed the shoveling, however.  She offers a lot of entertainment as she tries to bite the snow flying from the shovel.   She even performs back flips.  Very nice!  I would go ahead and venture a guess that the pups are ready for another good snow storm as well.  Not to mention, a lot of snow would cause a cancellation of classes.  Now, that is something I could live with.  This week, the last of the snow should be gone from the yard, without another snow storm in sight.  *tear*  I have rather enjoyed wearing my boots, scarf and mittens. 


Immature_Entrepreneur said...

They're not the only ones who can back flip in the snow! Okay, that was a lie.

Loved the snow. Hated the shoveling. Ready for spring. :)